2016 Fall Newsletter

The WORLD tells us BIGGER is BETTER, the FASTER person WINS the race, the NUMBERS are what COUNTS!!
Holding close to the mission of Mater Filius, PRAYER is what COUNTS, to WIN is to SERVE, and the BIGGER prize is to be able
to witness the LORD at work each and every day in the lives of the families in our care. We need only stay SMALL for HIS great glory to be realized.

We have witnessed many beautiful graces this past year. We’re blessed to have the opportunity to renovate the convent of St. Peter & Paul this summer, and finally transition over in August. Our home is lovely and spacious and adds the needed living areas to serve many ages as well as additional bedrooms and bathroom areas.

In September we said goodbye to Kathryn, our Ima (house mother) of almost two years; and, we were blessed to welcome Jill Ayres and her daughter Elli. Jill has an extensive background in social services, as well as the ability to guide our moms in the daily routine of caring for a home and family.

With this added space we were able to expand our Early Childhood Learning Center to create a fun and cheerful environment for the children born at Mater Filius. Our moms and families may enter Mater Filius at any time during their pregnancy, and remain with us for a full eight months after baby is born. This allows our families to really be on solid footing as they move on to become self-sufficient. Even after they transition out, their child may return until the age of preschool, full time, for Early Childhood Care while mom is working or going to school. We welcomed Adrienne Stansell as our new ECLC Director. She and Sara Kokotjlo teach and love our children throughout the day. Along with volunteers, our program is able to carry on our model of loving women and families to success.

We have received many women and children during 2016, all who have chosen life. Some have come for a short time and others have stayed for a longer period. In any event, they have most likely witnessed a way of life they had not seen before, a way of life that would allow them to slow down and find peace, to be able to think about their future, and how to take the steps needed to be on solid ground and to know that others care for them.

The LORD is asking us to care for those around us, to give back, in THANKSGIVING to HIM, the gifts we have received, and by staying SMALL we are able to fulfill the MISSION the Lord has placed before us.

I ask you to join me, in prayer, in volunteering, and in your financial support to carry out this mission. Each person that is involved in Mater Filius, in any capacity, forms the whole body to bring this to fruition. Let us join together, to serve ONE HEART, ONE SOUL, at a time.

May the Lord bless you and your families today and always!