For an unplanned pregnancy, there is no easy path. Maybe you’re worried about being able to feed your baby or afford a doctor. Maybe you just don’t feel prepared to raise a child without help. But as you take steps to love your child through thick and thin… you’ll grow more confident, peaceful, and prepared for your future. We understand that this time can be scary and filled with uncertainty. We would like to help you and if you’re reading this, you’re already taking the first step. Good for you. The more informed you are, the more peaceful and confident you will feel about moving forward in the way that’s best for you and your beautiful baby. Mater Filius is not just a house with beds, nutritious food, diapers, bottles and cribs. Mater Filius is also a family. Everyone in the house helps to encourage and support mothers and their babies. Moms need to be ready to learn life skills. At Mater Filius you will learn about childbirth, budgeting, and parenting in order to prepare for the world. You will also have access to counselors, mentors, tutors, labor and delivery coaches, Bible study leaders, curriculum instructors, and playgroup organizers. We’re here for you through every step of your pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, scared, and in need of help.. please call Mater Filius at 402.933.3466