Women who enter Mater Filius, Nebraska can be assured they are in a safe environment. We provide structured living, with shared household work, study time, evening curfews, and three regular meals daily that are nutritionally balanced for a pregnant woman’s unique needs. The daily schedule lends stability and teaches young mothers independent living skills. We provide more than shelter and food. We provide the ability to rise above devastating, negative elements and achieve job-readiness and self-sustainability. Entry into the program is limited, and each step is extremely rigorous. But those who see it through end up with rewarding, happy, and productive lives – for themselves, and for their children.
Time For Real Change
We know what is needed for a woman facing a crisis pregnancy to become self-sustaining. And it’s much more than just being housed, clothed and fed. It’s giving mothers real love so they can finally learn to love themselves. It’s helping them fully realize their potential. It’s establishing a sense of self-worth and readiness for the real world. Mater Filius is dedicated to the eradication of homelessness for each woman and child it serves. We require a far greater commitment from her than she has ever made. Program residents are not required to pay rent, but must commit to a long-term, all-encompassing program. She must examine her life, past and future, receive in-depth counseling, and further her education. She must participate in employment training which builds work ethic and on-the-job training skills. This sets them up for a new kind of success and presents them as viable candidates for the workforce and a new life. The time for excuses is over. Make a stand. Reach out, and create a powerful, lasting change – for you and your child. The first step is calling us.

Contact Julie or Stacey at 402.933.3466 or via email at materfiliusne@gmail.com